What Do Teens Want?

Generation gap is one of the major things that separate you from your teenage daughter. Their likes may be your dislikes and vice versa. So when giving gifts to them, it is not what you want that you must consider but what they want. And with this in mind, you are probably wondering if should you give them your old jewelry or you should buy them something new instead.

Jewelries are valuable and so is your daughter. If you want to share with them the memories and make them feel that they really part of the whole family, the old jewelries are advisable. They know for a fact that you old necklace, bracelet, or ring, means so much to you. Therefore, handing them down your old accessories would tell them how valuable and how important they are to you. . Giving your old jewelry would also make her feel special. Out of all the members of the family, it is her who received something that is valuable to you.

Aside from that, you are also imposing trust between you and your daughter. Teenage life can be quite difficult especially if the parents and the child always clash. One of the main reasons why they drift apart is because of the lack of trust. So if you would tell them how much you trust them to take proper care of the old jewelry, this may start a new bond between you and your daughter

On the other hand, if you want your daughter to have something that is all hers, then why not buy a new jewelry for her instead? Let her choose the style, the kind of jewelry, and the design so that it would be more personalized. But if you wish to surprise her by giving her jewelry on her birthday or any special occasion, just see to it that you get something that she can use everyday or in formal events. There is a wide array of jewelries with modern designs that your teenager would surely love. At their age, they should not be wearing diamonds yet. It can be very flashy and eye-catching especially to those who have bad intent. Aside from that, they usually get involve in different activities during this age. So wearing off the diamond jewelry from time to time may put the accessory at risk. Gold may be a good choice but they surely do not want something that their grandmothers usually wear. Look for accessories with trendy design and style that teens would love to wear. It can be in a form of locket, necklace, ring, bracelet or even earrings.

Your daughter will surely appreciate a silver or a pearl jewelry if you would buy something new for them. But no matter what jewelry you would like to give your teens, it would definitely give a new meaning to your parent-daughter relationship. New bond will be formed and the relationship between you and your teenager will surely be more meaningful and deeper.