When You Should Give Your Girl Your Old Jewelry?

By the time that your little girl was born, there were so many things that you want to give her right then and there. Aside from her essentials, you would also want to give her clothes, toys, and all the accessories that she can use and can help you take care of her. But most importantly, you want to share with her some of your valuable and most treasured things. Aside from the memories that you would not get tired of telling over and over again, there is also another that symbol of love that you can give to your daughter especially if she already turned to a teenager - your old jewelry.

You can simply give your old jewelries to your teen daughter anytime of the day even without special occasions. However, you must see to it that she is already old enough to use the jewelry that you will hand down to her. Aside from that, you must also think if your teenager is already responsible enough to take proper care of the old yet valuable jewelries that you have.

There are some parents who give it during their daughter's sixteenth birthday or after they graduated from high school. At this stage, they are now more confident to wear jewelries and may integrate it at their current fashion sense. They may also value it even more because they already understand the meaning of receiving something as important as an old jewelry.

But even if your daughter hasn't reached her sixteenth birthday yet, you may give the accessory to her as well. As soon as you realize that she is interested with fancy jewelries and always want to use different kinds of accessories, then there is no doubt that the old jewelry of yours will be in good hands. There are just some teens that are fascinated with sparkling treasures and your daughter may be one of them. So even without reminding them how important the old jewelry is to you, they would definitely appreciate this timeless piece of art.

You can also make a special event even more special in your teenage daughter's life by handing down your old jewelry to her. Prom night is one of the most highly anticipated events in a teenager's life. Help her become even more stunning by giving her your old yet fashionable jewelries. Not only that it would give her confidence a boost. It would also tell her how much you trust her even if you do not say a word.

When giving your daughter the old and priceless jewelry of yours, make sure that you also give her a story or two on how you got the jewelry. Tell them how you got it or who is the person who gave it to you. It would allow them to give big importance to it and not just see the jewelry as a mere accessory. This may also help you and your daughter have a more meaningful and deeper relationship at the same time.

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