Jewelries Are For Teens Too

When adults usually wear jewelries, they do it to show their social standard or their fashion sense among their friends. On the other hand, teenagers, particularly the girls, wear accessories like jewelries for different reasons. There are some who loves to wear a bracelet that is made from yarn because it symbolizes the friendship between her so-called sisters. There are also some teenagers who would like to wear beads as well as crystals because they believe of the charm or luck that it attracts. Moreover, they wear these kinds of accessories because it could go well with the color of their outfit whether it is a casual wardrobe or for formal events.

And unlike the adults, the teenagers are not usually seen wearing luxurious jewelries and chunky accessories. This is simply because they are not proving anything when wearing jewelries. More often than not, the teenagers wear silver, pearl, or any kind of jewelry just because it would fit them. Aside from that, they only think of it as a fashion accessory that would complement whatever it is they are wearing. Teenagers are usually not into jewelries because of the cost and the carats. They wear it because of the value that it has.

The kind of jewelry that the teens today wear is basically influenced by the advertisements that they see in magazines and TV. Thanks to the different music and movie celebrities, teen jewelry became even more vibrant and fashionable. Most of the teens today are trying to imitate the image of these famous celebrities because they show the latest trends in jewelries not only in clothes.

Many teens today still wear brooches. However, the design is very different from what their grandparents used to wear. These brooches already integrated modern designs or innovated old jewelry designs including the yin-yang. There are also rings, bracelets, as well as necklaces that were inspired by different animals including elephants and fishes. There are some symbols have significant meanings to others. But for the teens, they just wear it for the sake of fashion and not just because of the principles that lie in the symbols.

The punk as well as gothic culture also sometimes affects the choice of the teens when it comes to picking their desired jewelry. This can be seen on the piercing that they have on their ears, nose, tongue, and other parts of the body.

But even if you often see girls wearing jewelries, teenage boys are now also fond of jewelries as well. For example, they love titanium jewelry! They can wear not only the sparkling accessories that were made for them but also the jewelries that were created for girls too. Amazingly, it looks fashionable to them at the same time.

Jewelry for girls became more and more popular especially today that there are already hundreds of stores that are selling accessories for teens only. It can be availed in various department stores near you or you may opt to order these teen jewelries online instead and have delivered right into your home.